Rescued off-roaders do the right things, says COSAR

Published on January 29, 2023 by David Wylie

Search and rescue members stand in a circlePhoto: Contributed/COSAR
COSAR gathers at Dee Lake Forest Service Road

Off-roaders spent a cold night out in -20 C after their Jeeps got stuck Saturday east of Lake Country.

Central Okanagan Search and Rescue (COSAR) members were called out by the RCMP after officers failed to find the missing people.

They had gone for a drive on the Dee Lake Forest Service Road and had communicated their trip plan before leaving.

Police were called in Saturday night by the missing off-roaders’ family after they were overdue.

“At first light the RCMP dispatched a helicopter and activated COSAR to assist in the search,” says COSAR in a statement.

“The helicopter managed to locate the stuck pair of jeeps and gave the location to the responding COSAR and RCMP members. While on route, another person arrived on scene and managed to get the jeeps unstuck. COSAR and the RCMP arrived on scene just as the Jeeps managed to get back onto the clear forest service road.”

All occupants were OK and are now home safe.

COSAR responded with 24 members, two response trucks, five snowmobiles, and one ATV.

“The occupants did the right things by leaving a trip plan and information on when they should have returned,” says COSAR. “Once they were overdue, the family made the right choice to contact the RCMP to get everyone activated to assist in locating the occupants.”

About a week earlier, on Jan 23, search and rescue were also called to help two stuck motorists off Bear Lake Forest Service Road. They rescued six people in that incident.