Lake Country working to handle more poop

Published on April 1, 2021 by Curtis Woodcock

The District of Lake Country sent a poop emoji out into the streets to raise awareness for its poop campaign.

If you’ve wanted to have a say in how liquid waste is handled in Lake Country, you now have a chance.

The District of Lake Country wants your input on the future of poop.

The district will soon exceed its waste management facility’s capacity. That means the municipality needs to develop a new system that can handle Lake Country’s load.

“Have you ever given much thought to what happens after you flush the toilet? Pour something down the sink? Where does all of it go? Who deals with it?” says the district.

The District of Lake Country has a website with detailed information on the history, present-day deadlines, and future requirements for the upgrades needed to the districts water treatment.

Options to replace the current system are being fine tuned, and the district is gathering input until May 2021.

If you want the city to hear your poop concerns, you can provide your input online.

“As Lake Country grows, we need to continue to implement good solutions to serve an expanding population, care for the environment and protect public health,” says the district.

What can you do? First and foremost, ask questions; if you don’t know something, there is a spot on the website to submit any question you may have.

The district will release a survey April 16.