Extreme caution urged on lakes and ponds

Published on February 20, 2021 by Okanagan Journal

It's recommended to stay off the ice as the weather warms. Photo: Lake Country

Although it was nice to see so many out enjoying the ice on area ponds and lakes on the BC Family Day weekend – that time has passed.

With changing temperatures, the unpredictability of ice thickness can make a fun outing quickly turn into a tragic event.

Ice that was strong yesterday can be at the breaking point today.

The Lake Country Fire Department reminds community members to please stay off of the lakes and ponds – for everyone’s safety. When falling through ice into cold water, survival time can be limited and rescues may sadly turn in to recoveries. You take a risk anytime you go onto the ice.

Although we have experienced a short period of cold weather, ice on lakes and ponds may not withstand your weight. Ice thickness can be very unpredictable. With a warming trend in the forecast, it is recommended you keep off ice on lakes and ponds.

If you become aware of an incident that requires a rescue, please contact 911 immediately.

— News release from the District of Lake Country