Council Highlights from Feb. 16

Published on February 16, 2021 by Okanagan Journal

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Lake Country municipal hall is pictured.

Development Variance Permit

Council considered a variance application for the dock at 14966 Carr’s Landing Road. The application included altering the shape of the dock to a U shape, construct the piles of steel and to increase the dock length. Council approved the variance for the U shape and steel pilings however denied the request to increase the dock length.

Public comment – agent for the applicant addressed Council on the reasons for the variances.

Regional District Central Okanagan – Voting Structure

The Province of BC requested the Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO) consult with member municipalities to determine support and desired voting unit value. Council voted to amend the voting unit value to 5,500 from 4,000.

Mobility Master Plan

Council adopted the Mobility Master Plan, which will replace the Transportation for Tomorrow plan.

Middle Vernon Creek Flood Risk Assessment

Council approved applying for a UBCM grant to undertake flood risk assessment and flood mitigation planning on Middle Vernon Creek.

Bylaw Enforcement and Building Compliance

Council adopted the Bylaw Enforcement and Building Compliance Policy 187, 2021. The new policy replaces former policies with new industry standards.

Councillor Items – Notice of Motion

Councillor Reed brought forward a notice of motion that the Regional District of Central Okanagan be requested to consider a trial project of permitting on-leash dogs in Kaloya Regional Park and Kopje Regional Park between October 1 and March 31. The notice of motion will be discussed at the March 2nd Council meeting.

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— News release from the District of Lake Country