New RCMP ride has armour, gun ports


RCMP Tactical Armoured Vehicle

If you see an intimidating black armoured vehicle rolling through the streets of Kelowna, you’ll have spotted the regional force’s new $800,000 toy.

It’s hard to miss.

Castanet is reporting that the Southeast District Emergency Response Team has gotten its hands on one of 18 new Tactical Armoured Vehicles acquired by the the RCMP for use across Canada.

Among its bells and whistles, the hulking vehicle comes equipped with gun ports, sentry hatches and an infrared sighting system. It also has armoured plating that can stop bullets and explosions.

Police say the vehicle is a perfect tool to respond to hostage takings, armed standoffs, barricaded suspects and search and rescue operations.

We’re not sure if we feel safer because Kelowna has one, or more fearful because the city needs one.

There’s more info on the vehicle on the RCMP’s website.

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Edited to reflect the correct price in the first paragraph. Incorrect information appeared in an earlier version.

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