Hundreds cut off in the North Okanagan

UPDATE: Hydro crews restore power earlier than expected

ALSO, road reopened Sunday, a day ahead of schedule

Michael Haak who took this photo also tweeted the brown water coming from his taps.

Michael Haak, who took this photo, also tweeted photos of the brown water coming from his taps. Click the image for his feed.

Sunday update

What a fantastic response by emergency officials this weekend near Enderby in the North Okanagan.

Power was restored to residents in Mable Lake Saturday night, well ahead of BC Hydro’s initial prediction that electricity would be out until Monday.

@NorthOkanaganEM said at about 10 p.m. May 3 that BC Hydro had restored power to Kingfisher and Mabel Lake residents.

“Thanks for the work, BC hydro!” the group tweeted.

Also, CBC reported the road would be open by noon Sunday — rather than Monday.

Saturday post

Hundreds are trapped and without power after a landslide in the North Okanagan.

Trees and rocks buried the only road into the Mabel Lake community near Enderby Friday morning.

The North Okanagan Emergency Management group said North Okanagan regional district staff have brought in water, medical supplies and a generator.

The @NorthOkanaganEM also said Saturday afternoon that B.C. Ministry of Transportation staff worked all night on clearing the road. Still, it’s not expected to be open again until Monday.

No one appears to have been hurt, said the Canadian Press.

BC Hydro initially said power would take until Monday, May 5, to restore. However, on Saturday afternoon it announced on its website lights would be on by 11:30 p.m. Saturday, May 3.

Nearly 700 people are without electricity.

Search and rescue was flabbergasted at the size of the landslide.

“It’s unbelievable how much the forest was brought down the hill. It’s just amazing. Hundreds of hundred-foot-long trees. It’s remarkable. It’s a pretty major event,” said Vernon SAR spokesman Leigh Pearson an an interview with The Daily Courier.

Colin Basran’s mayoral timing questioned by fellow city councillor


Colin Basran announces he will run for mayor of Kelowna. (Tim Krupa/Twitter)

Colin Basran announces he will run for mayor of Kelowna. (Tim Krupa/Twitter)


A day after Kelowna city councillor Colin Basran’s announcement he will run for mayor in the fall election, another councillor has reacted to the timing.

Gail Given

Gail Given

Coun. Gail Given spoke to Castanet April 30, saying: “I feel it’s too early.”

“I don’t know if residents want a 6 1/2 month election campaign so I’m not as anxious to declare so early,” Given said. “I know Colin has been very interested and he’s kind of made that clear right from the beginning.”

The Daily Courier’s city hall columnist wrote a story focusing on Basran’s young age and relative inexperience.

Reporter Ron Seymour’s story carries the headline: “‘Mayor Basran’ would be 15 years younger than average age of his five Kelowna predecessors.”

Basran told the paper, “I can only control the things I am.”

It looks like @Basran could be shaping up to be a similar local politician to young and social media savvy Calgary mayor, Naheed Nenshi. Also known online as @Nenshi, an avid Twitter user with 171,000 followers.

Basran tweet

— @OkanaganJournal


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Kelowna chef cut from Top Chef Canada

In an episode that featured food idioms, sadly Kelowna chef Evelynn Takoff just didn’t cut the mustard.

She was eliminated from Top Chef Canada, just shy of becoming one the top five chefs.


Evelynn Takoff

Evelynn, chef de cuisine at Micro Bar • Bites in downtown Kelowna, had her hopes of winning the $100,000 prize dashed, putting out a macaroni and cheese dish that the judges called “a bomb.”

At the beginning of the episode Evelynn noted she was feeling the pressure of being the last woman chef.

“I feel like I have some girl power weight on my shoulders,” she said. “I’m a female chef and the last one. I came into this competition to show Canada that there’s some strong women chefs that can keep up with the boys.”

As the last lady standing, kudos to Evelynn for an amazing performance on Top Chef Canada.

“At this point in my life I have a whole lot of time to do some amazing things,” she said. “The world is my oyster and nothing is going to stop me.”

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